Unique 4 Cornerstone Approach


“The advice from my financial planner is priceless simply because she knows trusts, wills and insurance far better than I ever will. Everyone should have a plan, and that is why there is a financial planning profession” – Roberty Kiyosaki, The Cashflow Quadrant


What is a financial plan? If you ask ten people you will more than likely receive 10 different responses. Our role as financial planners is to assist clients in identifying key aspects that should be included in their financial plan, help guide them in the decision making process and ultimately get them to achieve their financial goals.


We approach every client that we deal with in the same way and apply the same methodology every time as we’ve experienced a 100% success rate when fully implemented. The methodology that we apply is unique to Infinity Wealth and it’s what we call the ‘Four Cornerstone approach to financial planning’. It follows a building block method where the 4 key areas of every person’s financial portfolio is  assessed and then is ‘built up’ on a solid foundation of fundamentals that are essential to achieving success.


The four cornerstones are:

  1. Risk: life cover, disability cover, critical illness cover, income protection, short term insurance, medical aid
  2. Wealth: fundamental investments, awareness investments, financial freedom investments
  3. Fiduciary: wills, trusts and estate planning
  4. Legal and accounting: Buy and sell agreements, Keyman resolutions, payroll, bookkeeping, auditing



By structuring and restructuring our clients’ personal and business financial portfolios according to this long term strategy, we ensure that not only is financial freedom achievable, it becomes an inevitability…