Insuring your home, household contents and vehicles is of utmost importance and your policies should be reviewed regularly
to ensure that you are correctly insured and that your premiums are kept affordable.

Important questions to ask yourself when considering Short Term Insurance:

  • Am I insured through a reputable underwriter that will ensure claims payment in the unfortunate event of aclaim?
  • Have I read the fine print of my policy document to ensure that I am comprehensively covered in all aspectsof my Short Term Insurance Portfolio?
  • Are there any exlusion clauses on my policy?
  • What is the excess amount that I need to pay in the event of a claim?
  • Are my household contents insured at the correct value? If I’m over insured I may be paying a higherpremium than what I should be, if I am under insured I will not be able to replace all of my personal contentsin the event of a claim?
  • When last was my policy updated with the new value of my motor vehicle? As this is a depreciating asset themarket value reduces constantly and therefore may result in my monthly premiums reducing?
  • Have I had a 3-5 year claim free period, I may qualify for a reduction in my monthly premium due to this?

If you are unsure about any of the above questions, we suggest you click on the contact us tab.
One of our skilled, accredited and professional financial planners will then contact you to arrange a
meeting where sound advice can be given, and all of the above questions can be answered.