The Third Cornerstone of our financial planning process encompasses various structures that would be used to manage a
client’s asset base in the event of death or disability.

Typically we would advise on using a combination of the following:

  • Wills


  • Setting up and administering of Inter Vivos trusts (Family, Property, Business)


  • Estate Planning Tools

There is one certainty in that whatever wealth you have accrued in your life time, you can’t take it with you! A valid, updated
and correctly constructed Will is a vital part of any Financial and Estate Planning process which many clients omit or neglect
when constructing their portfolios.

The laws of intestate succession are onerous and could result in your beneficiaries not inheriting as you would wish them to.
Your Will is the most important Legacy you can leave your loved ones, and if properly drafted can reduce the impact of Estate
Duty and other taxes and costs. Once you are gone you have no say as to how you would want to distribute your assets
unless you have a formalised and up to date Will in place. Correct Estate Planning will allow you to be remembered the way
you wish and will add purpose to what you have achieved during your lifetime.

Important questions to ask yourself when considering Fiduciary Services:


  • Do you have a Will?


  • When was your Will last reviewed and is it up to date?


  • Who are the Executors?


  • What are the Executors Fees payable on your Estate?


  • Are you sure it is structured correctly (Is it valid)?


  • How are your children catered for within the Will (Testamentary Trust)?


  • Do you have liquidity in your Estate to pay for costs and outstanding debt?


  • Are your business interests protected?
  • Have you appointed Guardians and Trustees who you trust?


  • Is there a need for a Trust?


  • Do you need Asset protection?

If you are unsure about any of the above questions, we suggest you click on the contact us tab.
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meeting where sound advice can be given, and all of the above questions can be answered.