This is a contractual agreement between the shareholders of the business to allow the deceased’s/disabled partners shares
to be purchased through a forced purchase and forced sale agreement (Buy & Sell) by the remaining shareholder/s from the
deceased/disabled partners beneficiaries. This is usually funded by the proceeds from a risk policy.

Important questions to ask yourself when considering Buy & Sell Agreements:

  • What happens to mine or my partners' shares if either of us pass away or become disabled?
  • Do I have the funds to purchase my partners shares in the event of death or disability?
  • Do my partners have the funds to purchase my shares should I pass away or become disabled?
  • Do I have a correctly structured Buy and Sell agreement in place? When last was this agreement reviewed?
  • Do I want my partners' beneficiaries to become shareholders in my business if he/she were to pass away or become disabled?
  • What happens if I don’t have the funds to purchase my partners' shares?
  • When last did I have my business evaluated?
  • Is the value in the agreement an accurate reflection of the market value of the business?

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