About Infinity Wealth

The idea of creating the company and legacy now known as Infinity Wealth was born and established in an intricate and
uncertain corporate environment within the year 2011. The South African environment was very similar to that of global
economic conditions that we all faced at the time. However, despite this uncertainty, four like-minded individuals, each
passionate about Financial Services, joined forces and created a unique value proposition for their clients. Infinity Wealth’s
core focus is delivering on the most comprehensive, in-depth Financial Advice available to South African consumers today, and
just as the global economic environment that we all operate within is dynamic, ever changing and ever enhancing, so too is
the Financial Advice that we offer our clients. We all share the same philosophy at Infinity Wealth, that no matter whether the
current economic climate is challenging and uncertain or whether it is to a degree predictable and confident, we ensure that
the Financial Advice and Service we provide our clients adds value to their lives. Infinity Wealth undertakes to grow and
continually provide all the people we interact with…‘Infinite Opportunities’

Infinity Wealth’s purpose is to add value to every aspect of our clients’ financial portfolio. Firstly by understanding their unique
circumstances as well as their needs and secondly by devising a plan and strategy that will satisfy these needs. We aim to
build relationships that last far beyond the mere execution of the plan and ensure that we deliver on our promises. This is
accomplished by implementing our unique and very successful Unique Four Cornerstone Approach. We strive to provide
solutions for our clients that reduce their risk and increase their assets.

Infinity Wealth aims to be a leader and pioneer within the financial services landscape by providing services that add real value
to our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our slogan is ‘Infinite opportunities’, and at Infinity Wealth we truly believe this. Every challenge can be turned into an
opportunity with the right understanding, appropriate strategy and constant execution and monitoring. These opportunities are
pursued with absolute dedication, passion and integrity. By being integrally involved in every aspect of our clients’ portfolio,
we are able to have a holistic view, thus ensuring that each strategy that is implemented “fits the client’s bigger picture”.

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